Got Lichtenstein Pop Art- Here are Guidelines to Preserve It


Though Roy Lichtenstein liked to pretend that his art had nothing to do with him, being its owner, you cannot do the same. Roy Fox Lichtenstein is a well-known iconic figure when it comes to pop art and has created great masterpieces like "Whaam!," "Crying girl," "brushstroke," etc. Got an iconic Lichtenstein painting that needs some caring? Calling in service for Roy Lichtenstein Artwork restoration in Miami is always an option. However, a little bit of care can go a long way. Here are some of the guidelines that can help you preserve the artwork for a long time and dial down the visit from service for Roy Lichtenstein Artwork restoration in Miami minimum.

1- Provide a stable environment

Extreme fluctuations in the room's humidity and temperature can damage the painting and other decorative objects by resulting in paint flaking, cracking, or mold formation. Therefore, a stable environment with little to no humidity and temperature fluctuation ensures your art's long-term health.

2- Keep the lighting in check

It is a well-known fact that sunlight is a no-go when it comes to artwork. Exposure to constant high levels of indoor lighting can, too, lead to serious damage to the artwork by deteriorating it. Various artificial lights come with ultraviolet filtering glass or Plexiglas. Exposure of these art pieces to harmful indoor lightning can lead to fading or yellowing.

3- Hanging it- Ensure its safe

Planning to hang your valuable piece of artwork? Always check the quality of the hanging wire. The last thing you would want is to hang a painting only to find out that the screws were loose once they fell and got damaged. It is also advised not to hang any artwork near an air conditioner vent, a humidifier, or a working fireplace. Furthermore, windows, bathroom humidity, and kitchen grease can also lead to damage. Keep in mind such scenarios before finalizing a place to hang your art.

4- Store it properly

When planning to store famous artwork, one of the important aspects is to store it in a place that has a stable environment. Furthermore, it is always a good idea to keep them away from external walls and cover them with a breathable cloth.

Final Note-

Calling an art restoration in Key West or Miami is always a good way to ensure that your beloved artwork is well cared for. At the same time, being a little attentive to the points mentioned above can add up to the safety of the artwork. Looking for a service for art restoration in Key West or Miami? Get in touch with our professionals at the Art Conservators lab and let us keep your beloved Roy Lichtenstein artwork appealing yet safe for a long time.